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The recently opened Höst is the latest addition to the restaurant scene in Copenhagen.  Norm Architects and the designers at Menu teamed up to create a restaurant where distinctly Scandinavian elements blend with modern and rustic minimalism in the style that has become to be known as the "New Nordic". More on Höst over at Dezeen

Photographer: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen
Stylist: Emma Fexeus


Raw Solla

I had the pleasure last summer to spend 3 days on probably the best/most fun styling assignments I´ve ever had when, with a VERY short notice (1 day to be exact), I was asked to work as a stylist on a book on raw food desserts, written and created by Solla Eiriks. For health reasons I haven´t done much work lately as a stylist but this was one assignment I absolutely couldn´t refuse, no matter what, I was going to do it. Solla is well known here in Iceland as one of the trailblazers in teaching the rest of us how to prepare, eat and drink as much organic and green as possible. She has her own line of organic food products, Himneskt, available in most supermarkets and grocery stores here in Iceland, has appeared on TV, lectured and given numerous cooking classes. Solla and her boyfriend Elli, also run Gló, a popular vegetarian restaurant, currently open in two different locations but with the third one opening in downtown Reykjavik next week. Earlier this year, Solla was voted the world´s Best Raw Vegan Simple Chef and Best Raw Vegan Gourmet Chef at the annual Best of Raw Awards. Solla has already published several cookbooks but this one, her latest, is dedicated to raw desserts. I got to try, I think, all of the "models" and I can safely say that all of them were realllly, reallly good! The photographer who took all the beautiful images in the book, including these, is Matthias. I hadn´t worked with him before but he was a pure pleasure to work with. The talented graphic designer Alexandra Buhl turned the images and Solla´s text into a beautiful book which is now available in bookstores here in Iceland.  The book is coming out in English at a later date. Bon appétit!

Vanilla ice cream

3 dl cashew nuts, soaked in water for 2 hours
2 ½ dl almond milk
¾ dl agave or another natural sweetener
1-2 teaspoons vanilla, powder or essence/drops
½ dl coconut oil, in liquid form
¼ teaspoon sea salt

Put cashew nuts, almond milk, agave and vanilla in a blender og mix well. Best if the mixture is smooth as silk. Add coconut oil and salt to the mix and let the blender work for a bit more.
Add the blend to either ice cream maker (follow the instructions included for the ice cream maker) or scoop into silicon forms. Put into the freezer. If you use silicon forms instead of ice cream maker, its good idea to stir the mix once in a while, while it´s freezing.  You can also put the mix into popsicle forms. 


Marcus Lawett

Marcus Lawett´s images have grazed the pages of magazines such as Elle Decoration, Femina, Sköna Hem and Vtwonen and his clients lists includes big companies such as Ikea and Securitas. Many of the images on Marcus´s website are styled by his stylist wife, Sofie. As you can see in these images, as well as in the post, featuring Ylfa Skarp´s house, I´m slowly and surely easing us into the Christmas spirit, hope it´s not too early for you;)

the food dept.

O. My. God. These were the first three words that came to my mind when I first stumbled upon the food dept. Written, styled and photographed by a team of "passionate creatives from the food industry", this Australian food blog is utterly amazing. I´m in awe of the photography, not to mention the styling of the images, truly a job well done. the food dept, launched in March 2012, is a stunning food blog with delicous-looking recipes so worth trying. 

Ylfa Skarp

I´m sure many of you have seen the works of Swedish calligrapher and designer Ylfa Skarp on numerous blogs lately, her prints in particular, have been extremely popular with bloggers. Ylfa´s home in Hjortnäs, Sweden, which she shares with husband Daniel, their two children and 2 cats, (not to mention the 4 hens and a rooster living separately on the property), has been featured in a magazine and on blogs before. This time however, we get a change to see the house, all dressed up and ready for Christmas. The house, built in 1901, served as a school up until the 1940´s and when Daniel and Ylfa bought it, it didn´t look anything like it does today. Despite being dark and gloomy with bits and pieces falling off, Ylfa and Daniel saw the huge potentials the house had and after massive renovations which took months to finish, the house has now been transformed into a warm and inviting family home, decorated in the neutral color palette of grays, whites and browns so popular in Scandinavia these days. Examples of Ylfa´s work are found on walls, textiles, ceramics and even floors. 

Photographer Magdalena Björnsdotter 


Clever ideas

I love these simple solutions for hanging your clothes. Keeping things simple often gives you the best results. Painting part of the tree branch in the image above in bright, neon color, in particular appeals to me. Clever and fun idea:)

The top image is from Bolig liv. The others, source unknown. 


The home of Hanne Berzant

This is the home of Hanne Berzant, designer and the driving force behind By Nord.
Love Tom Dixon´s Copper Shade pendant light over the dining room table plus Arne Jacobsen´s Grand Prix chairs in both the dining room and the kitchen. 
The comfy-looking teak chair is a family heirloom from the 1970´s, the pillow from By Nord like many of the accessories found throughout the flat. 
Images found via My Scandinavian home

I am a food blog

I love discovering new food blogs and this one, I am a food blog, written and photographed by Stephanie Le, was bookmarked a while ago. Apart from rather deliciously looking recipes, I love Stephanie´s blog for the crisp and clean photography, graphic and layout.